Affiliate program

Earn money from attracted customers.

You attract - We take care.

Scale your business without investing in hardware. See several benefits of the affiliate program.


The client chooses what he needs, VPS or hosting, Cloud or dedicated server.


Providing free basic management (full management at extra cost).

No staff required

We control the entire infrastructure. You only attract customers and earn money from it.

Instant configuration

Your customers receive instant information about the new server after payment.

Industrial infrastructure

We use only industrial equipment (Supermicro and Dell servers. Juniper-based network.). IPv6 ready. DDoS protection. SLA 99.977%.

Payment methods

Paypal, Bitcoin, VISA/Master Card, Payeer, Bank transfer.

Percentage of affiliate program

You earn money without having your own website or Data Center!
Web hosting
Dedicated server


Q. What is Affiliate program?

The Mivocloud affiliate program is an easy way to make money without having your own website, hosting or server. You can post your referral link on the forum, on social media, on a blog, in an email, or you can recommend to a friend in Messenger who needs a VPS server, dedicated server, or web hosting.

Q. How To Get Started With Your Affiliate Program?

1) Register on our website.
2) Access your account in the AFFILIATES. There you can get your unique affiliate link.
3) The affiliate link can be sent to your friend, customer or posted on social networks.
4) From each payment of the client you brought, you will receive 5% of the cost of services.

Q. How work Affiliate Program?

Your reward is paid for each payment on your affiliate link of a new customer who orders a hosting service, a VPS server, or a dedicated server. You will receive 5% from each payment made by your attracted customer but not only from the first, as it is organized in many companies. Thus, you will earn from each customer attracted and with each of its payments.

Q. Who will be interested in the affiliate program?

This partnership can be interesting for all those who are engaged in creating websites, layout designers, web designers, web studios and even ordinary users who want to have a passive income without investing money!

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