Free SSL Certificates for MivoCloud Web Hosting users

We’re delighted to announce that Let’s Encrypt certificates are now available at MivoCloud.

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated and open certificate authority (CA) that offers free SSL certificates for the public’s benefit. Just like a paid SSL certificate, a Let’s Encrypt certificate provides HTTPS protection for your website.

The key benefits of Let’s Encrypt are:

  • Free: Anyone who owns a domain name can use Let’s Encrypt to obtain a trusted certificate at zero cost.
  • Automatic: the certificate is generated automatically after you order web hosting at us.
  • Secure: Let’s Encrypt will serve as a platform for advancing TLS security best practices, both on the CA side and by helping site operators properly secure their servers.
  • Transparent: All certificates issued or revoked will be publicly recorded and available for anyone to inspect.

What is SSL and why do you need it?

While often referred to as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) from an earlier incarnation modern servers use TLS (Transport Layer Security) as the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. You will be familiar with SSL if you have ever purchased anything online, SSL is used to provide security for your credit card details. Whenever you’re using a site over SSL you’ll notice a ‘padlock’ icon in your browser’s address bar, indicating that SSL is present and trusted by your browser.

Other than the obvious security benefits for financial transactions – what are some other compelling reasons to use SSL?

  1. Search Engines advise using SSL for all websites. You can improve your SEO ranking if you are using SSL.
  2. Customers will have greater confidence in your website and brand. As the online world moves towards tighter and tighter security, it stands to reason that any sites not conforming to the latest security standards will concern site visitors. Further, maintaining high security via SSL indicates to your website visitors that you value their security and confidentiality.
  3. Using SSL will improve your website security. While there are myriad methods used to infiltrate website security, simply adding SSL is a valuable first step in reducing cyber threats.

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