Information about MariaDB 10.5

MariaDB 10.5 database is a system that was developed using Mysql program. The presented database has full compatibility with various MySQL drivers and clients, which makes it quite versatile in use. If we talk about the program more precisely, then the MariaDB software product is much more perfect and more understandable for the user. Therefore, MariaDB 10.5 dedicated servers are in high demand today and are in demand among a significant number of users. Since the program has the best performance when compared with Mysql, it is much better optimized for using storage systems for various data, and also has the best performance indicators using specialized programs and a better set of special characters.

How is the program applied?

MariaDB software product is used by a large number of different companies around the world, including: Google, HP, Wikipedia and many others. This proves that the presented database has many advantages in use. MariaDB is a great alternative to MySQL. At its core, the DBMS can be considered a simpler version of the MySQL system, and the system also has a large number of additional functionalities for users.

New functionality of the program

The program uses the efficient and stable Cassandra engine. It is required to establish a reliable connection with the server version of the DBMS. The MariaDB VPS server is a fork of the live system that is used to manage MySQL databases. The presented software was developed by the community of programmers under the officially obtained GNU GPL license. The development process and the subsequent support of the software product are carried out by MariaDB Corporation Ab and the specially organized MariaDB Foundation. Hosting sites that use MariaDB 10.5 have many advantages, some of which are:

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Stable work.
  • Reliability and practicality.

VPS servers that use MariaDB 10.5 software are very popular and are in demand today due to their high stability, reliability and practicality when used for various tasks. The main impetus that contributed to the development of the presented software was the need to create a free and easy-to-use DBMS status. This was done in some way as opposed to the way Oracle obtained a formal license. The founders of the new project are well-known developers who worked on MySQL in the early stages. It is necessary to highlight such an important point that the system for obtaining an official MariaDB license puts forward certain requirements for those wishing to carry out the process of adding their own code to the main program branch of the DBMS. In addition, exchange for the preservation of the previously obtained license and the rights to create various types of fixes for the MySQL program.

MariaDB endeavors to maintain excellent compatibility with MySQL by making strict compliance with MySQL APIs and specialized commands. In the main part of the software there are special subsystems for reliable storage of various XtraDB data, so that the process of replacing InnoDB, which is considered the main storage subsystem, can be carried out. In addition, it has Aria, PBXT and FederateX:

  • The multi-master cluster solution is now a standard part.
  • Added two new types of schematics to better understand wsrep information. These are the WSREP_MEMBERSHIP and WSREP_STATUS tables.
  • Compression of pages for InnoDB and XtraDB.
  • Compression of pages is similar to InnoDB compressed storage format.
  • Several optimization settings are included in the package: .frm files for timing characteristics.
  • Use MAX_STATEMENT_TIME to automatically terminate long running queries. The malloc function is used less frequently and simple queries run faster.

Chief Software Developer Michael Widenius is also credited as the author of MySQL and the founder of the world famous Monty Program AB. The software product got its name in honor of the developer's youngest daughter Maria. The presented programs are very popular today because MariaDB dedicated servers are practical and reliable to use.

Features of installing MariaDB software

A significant number of services that operate on the global Internet use database (DB) calls, some of them are:

  • Various web applications.
  • Specialized systems that carry out accounting.
  • Company websites.
  • Postal services.
  • News portals and so on.

Next, we will consider the process of installing the most popular and demanded DBMS today, which is MariaDB. As a rule, for experienced and qualified specialists, this procedure is quite simple and does not take much time. It should be noted that the MySQL server has been replaced with a different working value. This is due to constant work on the development of the project and the openness of the code. Sometimes problems can occur during the update. These issues can even potentially corrupt the database data files, preventing you from easily reversing to your old installation. Therefore, it is generally best to back up before upgrading. If you encounter difficulties during the upgrade, you can use a backup to restore the server database to an older version. If the update completes without problems, the copy may be deleted.

Initially, you need to complete the process of adding a repository, after which the system will install MariaDB. For different operating systems, the installation process may not differ significantly, which must be understood and strictly considered. If everything is clear at this point, then you should skip it. If you have questions and difficulties related to installing MariaDB software for a specific operating system, then you have the opportunity to visit the official website of the developer company, where there is complete information regarding the repositories and the specifics of how to configure them.

MariaDB operates separately from the main application and stores specific collections of data. Any of the available databases use one or more APIs to quickly create controls as well as search and access and replicate contained within a database. They use non-relational sources in their work, which are slow to work with other sources. Specialized types of systems that manage other non-relational data or DBMSs store using a variety of tables. The necessary links with the tables used must be established using primary key types, as well as foreign keys.

RDBMS allows you to use a number of additional features, some of which are:

They make it possible to carry out the process of implementing data sources with used tables, as well as indexes and special columns.

Enforces consistency in rows that are located in different tables.

It is possible to use the update of indexes in a fully automatic mode, which significantly saves time.

They orient a large number of different SQL queries in the process of processing and retrieving new characteristics from tables that are used in a certain period of time.

Allows you to use a data source from a variety of tables.

The work is done quickly and quite easily, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, which is very convenient for users.

Features of RDBMS terminology

The basic terms that are used when working with the MariaDB 10.5 system look like this:

Information databases are a source of various data that consists of special tables.

Table - means a table that is made in electronic form, that is, a matrix that has a data set.

A column is a specific piece of data that brings together related arrays. For example, the start date of the delivery of goods. A string is a specific type of structure that combines different values. For example, indicators that will be needed by the company's customers to buy goods or services.

Redundancy - This means double storage in order to support the process of accelerating the system as a whole.

A primary key is an identification value that is unique in its set. It should be said that the presented value is not indicated twice in the created data tables, because only a certain row has a relationship with it.

Foreign key type - is the linking data between two tables.

This is a list of basic terms and definitions that will be required to work with the database and will be useful to the user.

Update for Windows operating system

If your operating system has a program installed and you need to update it to the MariaDB version, then you should not uninstall MySQL. You will need to start the installation process right away. This is due to the fact that after deletion, there may be a conflict with the existing database.

In this case, you should pay special attention to the fact that the main MySQL parameters of the special file "my.cnf" must be compatible and work stably with the software product. If this condition is not met, then there may be problems or slower response times from the database that you install on the operating system. Let's consider the main and frequently occurring problems and difficulties that are associated with the implementation of the installation process of the software product:

The software has the Aria storage system installed by default, which is mainly used for temporary files.

If there are a large number of temporary files, then it is possible to change the key buffer. This method is suitable only if special tables such as MyISAM are not used.

In cases where the applications being used are constantly disconnected or connected, then it will be necessary to change the thread cache parameter.

In cases where a large number of connections (more than 100) are used at once, it is necessary to use a thread pool.

Compatibility of programs

MySQL and MariaDB are almost identical in terms of their parameters. But, there are certain distinctive features that can create various difficulties and problems when working. To get acquainted with the existing differences, it is possible to go to the official website of the developer company in the knowledge base specially created for users, where the features of solving problems in the work of the presented software products are indicated.

MariaDB - Administration

Before starting and using the software, you will need to find out its current state. Start mysqld (MariaDB file). After that, you will need to use a special script to execute mysqld_safe startup. In possible cases where MariaDB 10.5 is installed in an unusual location, you will most likely need to edit the fields that are located in the script files. It should be noted that the presented software, when installed correctly, is very reliable, stable and has a high speed of operation with various streams of values.

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