The difference between themes and the best WordPress themes 2022

Best Themes Wordpress2022

If you are a wordpress user, then you are aware of an incredibly large number of themes available for your site. There are both free and paid themes, but sometimes it is difficult to find really good themes that will perfectly fit your needs. Which themes are better to use: free or paid? Why do many people use free themes? What is the difference between a paid and a free theme? You will find questions about these answers in this article.

The difference between paid and free

It would seem logical that paid themes will be better than free ones, and the difference lies in quality and capabilities, but this is a misconception. For a long time it was believed that using a free theme on a wordpress site could be called stupidity, but recently many users have changed their minds. Free wordpress themes can not be inferior to paid themes, except that they are not updated so often and you do not get various paid plugins, and in another they are almost identical with paid ones.

Also, free themes are easy to use for any user and they have a fairly simple code that will not load the site, which is why it will load quickly.

The paid versions will be updated more often and they have some undeniable advantage - when buying a theme, you also get various plugins that are built into it. Thus, you get not only a good theme with constant updates, but also some plugins whose cost can cover most of the costs of the theme itself.

Sometimes there are many functions in paid templates that are useful, but which can heavily load the site, which will make it take longer to load its content, regardless of whether you use these functions or not. This can negatively affect your experience working with wordpress sites and that is why you should initially try free themes, and only then switch to paid ones.

Top 10 wordpress Themes 2022

Now I will give you an example of several free and paid themes that are popular. These themes will be on various topics, but it's worth remembering that you can redo all the topics for yourself if it is really worthwhile.


Twenty Twenty-Two
This topic does not belong to any particular category, which means that it is completely customized and you can build anything from an ordinary blog to a website with an incredible design from it. The main idea of this topic is that each site should be unique, which is why each page can be easily modified and made unique in accordance with your wishes.


The theme is ideal for blogging or for creating your own portfolio. The pages are easily customizable and you can create your own unique vision of a portfolio in which it will be convenient to navigate and find various works. This theme has a universal code, which is why it works great with different editors and includes some useful plugins.


A theme that is also perfect for any type of website. It doesn't matter if you have a blog or you want to create your own online store, this topic will suit you because it loads quickly due to light code, seo is included in it, which is easy to configure, and there is also a translator in it, which is why you can talk about your products in many languages.


The topic is ideal for creating your own course. With this theme, you can quickly customize each page by simply dragging any block and so on, and it already includes several plugins that will help you make your course more attractive and unique.


Envo Shopper
A theme that is perfect for your online store. It can be easily customized exactly to your preferences and put products on the main page. It includes a translator and many additional functions that must be present in the store.



It is a great fit for you if you are going to open your website for selling tickets or providing travel services. This topic has everything you need, for example, it is easy to set up a Google map with which customers will find what they want, also has a large collection of layers and pages that are easy to customize. Although this theme is not cheap, it provides you with a lot of opportunities and gives you access to various kinds of plugins.


It is best suited for people with several projects at once, for example, you have a sportswear store and you also sell a training program. In this case, this theme will be an ideal solution, since you can place on the main page at once a choice of what exactly the user wants to view. It can be easily configured, it is constantly updated and the support service is ready to help you 24/7


An adaptive theme suitable for your IT business. Do you have a need to create a unique and high-quality website for the provision of IT services? Then this topic suits you the most. The number of advantages of this topic is even difficult to list, as well as the number of positive reviews, but the main ones we can note are constant support, editing buttons and logos, online documentation and video tutorials, as well as adaptability to devices.


Does your school or university need a beautiful website where you can post information? In this case, this wordpress theme is perfect for you, as it was created specifically for such needs. Also, if you decide to create an online course on some educational subject, this topic will also be a good basis for your website. It includes a lot of blocks for posting information, ease of configuration, speed of interaction and loading, and he is SEO friendly, which makes it easier to find him in search engines. It also has a large number of icons that will easily designate various items and a large number of different plugins and themes, which will make the site as interactive as possible.


Are you a construction business owner and want to create a website? In this case, this topic is perfect for you, because it includes everything you need so that the client can get acquainted with your works, offers and prices. This theme has more than 50 different widgets, high-quality images, intuitive interface and adaptability to devices. It doesn't matter if the client uses a phone or a computer, in any case, he can easily find any information on your site.



In this article, we have analyzed the difference between Wordpress themes and why people use free themes on websites. I also brought you the top 10 wordpress themes that will really help you in setting up and creating your website. In order for the site to be as user-friendly as possible, it is not necessary to pay for the theme and it is enough to use a free theme by simply buying several plugins for it. However, it is worth considering that by purchasing a paid theme, you also get constant support (at least 5 days a week), frequent updates, a lot of plugins and functions.
Should I buy a wordpress theme? It all depends on how much money you have and what you own. For example, you are the owner of an average company and want to make the site more lively and attractive, then it is better to buy a theme. If you just decided to create your first website or blog in which you will share various information, then you should not buy a theme and it is better to use a free one for easy work with it.
The whole question is - do you want to spend money or do you want to save it?