For what better to use WordPress?


If you need to create a website for your small business and it doesn't matter what it is for: a blog, a brand or an online store, then WordPress will be a great start. Even if you do not have knowledge in the IT, it will not hurt you to install this engine and configure it for yourself.
This CMS is so easy to use that an ordinary user can easily install and use it, but it is important to understand that there are two main WordPress sites. - Special web hosting. This resource will allow you to create and post your blog, online store, etc., but you need to understand that the site hosted on this free hosting cannot be considered your property. Since everything is free, your site will not belong to you and if your site violates the rules of the service or the administration does not like it in some way, it can be deleted. - On this site, you can download the WordPress CMS and add it to the hosting you already use.

And so. When using the first site, you will be able to create your own blog, but it cannot be considered yours since you use the site's resources for free.
When using the second site, you download the engine and install it on your hosting, and then configure it and so on.

What is it better to use WordPress for?

This engine is best used for small or medium-sized businesses, because it can be configured independently and it does not require such large financial and time costs as creating a self-written CMS. It means, if you don't want to spend a lot of money to hire developers, UI/UX designer and SEO specialists, then you should use WordPress.

What will be the advantages of creating a website on WordPress?

Before creating a website, you will have a question, why this particular CMS? What advantages does it have?
The full list of pros and cons will not be presented here. For more information about the pros and cons of WordPress sites, follow this link

Main advantages
  • Free engine - this engine is completely free and can be used for commercial purposes, this is possible thanks to the open source code.
  • Themes, plugins, templates - thanks to their large number, you can make your site unique, as well as customize it in more detail, there are both free and paid types of them.
  • Features - on this engine you can create anything from a blog to an online store.
  • Administration - being a WordPress site administrator is quite simple, all the necessary updates and actions can be performed with the mouse.
  • Dynamism - Unlike a website written in HTML, you do not have to edit each page separately, this engine provides the ability to create dynamic pages, which means that by changing the style on one page, you can change the style on the entire site.
What disadvantages of the system can I face?

During use of this CMS, you will encounter some disadvantages:

  • Slow page loading - Pages on this engine will not load very fast, but in principle the loading speed can be increased by installing various plugins and optimizing images.
  • Rights - If you are a small organization, then this engine will suit you perfectly, but if your company is large, it is better to make its website self-written. This is necessary so that all rights belong to you and not to the platform.
  • Unique appearance - to create the uniqueness of your site, you will have to try hard because many things have already been invented and lie somewhere on the back of the Internet.

Why should I use this engine?

I can advise you to use this CMS at least in order to practice editing the design of the site, as well as to figure out how, in principle, it all works and is configured. You should also use WordPress to get a business card site or a site where you can sell your service services. For example, you need to create a website, but you are not sure about its design, WordPress is perfect for you here. In order to change all the design on a regular website built on HTML, you will have to edit each page separately using CSS. However, you can avoid this due to the dynamism of the pages. WordPress provides dynamic pages, which in turn is very useful in such cases.

WordPress allows you to use various plugins, modules and themes, and the most important thing is that all templates, themes and so on will be adaptive. This means that no matter where your site is viewed from, from a phone, tablet or computer, in any case, the site will look good and all information will be transmitted completely. At the moment, more and more users are browsing pages using mobile devicesб And, in order for you or your company not to incur losses, it is necessary to make your site adaptive to any devices.

SEO optimization
In order for your website to be in demand on the Internet, it needs to be optimized for search engines. If earlier it was necessary to think about this in advance and invest additional funds to optimize the site, then using WordPress you can forget about it. Sites on this engine are optimized by default, but in addition to the fact that WordPress itself is optimized, you can use additional plugins that will help you raise your site in the search engine rankings.

Hacking a website on the WordPress platform is not easy if the site administrator knows at least a little about what he is doing. To prevent your site from being hacked, you should do the following things:

  • change the login link to the admin panel
  • change the login and password of the admin panel
  • enable a limit on the number of login attempts
  • install additional plugins that provide additional protection for your system.

The main thing is that you work with proven plugins with positive reviews.

CMS WordPress has a very extensive community, which is why you can always find the answer to your question on forums or in personal blogs. At the moment, many sites are built on this CMS, and to be more precise, 40% of all sites on the Internet are created on WordPress, which shows how large the user community of this engine is.

Ease of use
In order to use WordPress, you do not need to be an IT specialist or a developer, as previously mentioned, an ordinary PC user can do this. For example, you already have a server and you want to install WordPress on it, then you need to go to the site and download the engine. After that, in a couple of clicks, it can be installed on your server and then configured according to your desire and vision. You can use free website templates or buy yourself a premium template (Cost from $ 20 to $ 100) and in addition to the template you get some additional plugins, which usually also cost money. Thus, by installing a template for $ 60, you can get plugins for $ 40.


In this article, we have reviewed some of the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress CMS. Each environment has its drawbacks. For example, if you compare the writing of your website using HTML, then your pages will be static, and in order to animate them and add colors, backgrounds, you will have to use CSS and JavaScript. All this together will be very financially tangible and energy-consuming, and in order to avoid this, you can use a ready-made CMS. If you are the owner of a small business or a small online store, but you should definitely try WordPress, because with its intuitive interface and ease of setup, you will get a number of advantages. For example, if you use a website and if you buy hosting for an online store there, then you will get various advantages. For example, built-in payment systems and more than 50,000 different free plugins..

If we take it from the finance side, then the construction html site can be too expensive, because you will have to hire various kinds of specialists, such as developers, designers. And instead, you can just install WordPress and install the desired design and so on with a couple of clicks.

I recommend trying WordPress yourself to understand what benefits you can get and what you should be afraid of.