What can be placed on VPS & VDS?

Usually, servers are rented either by individual users who want to host their website or something else. Or companies that vitally need to have their own platform on the Internet so that they do not lose to competitors.


How to work with MySQL server installed on Linux?

Every company needs a good database with easy relational management. That is why most of the sites on the Internet use MySQL.


How to install & configure MySQL on Windows server?

Each company needs its own database in which you can store data about customers, products, and so on.


Types of databases and which is better SQL or NoSQL?

Introduction In the modern world, data plays an important role in human life. Every day we receive some information, for example, the name of a new colleague, his age or where he comes from.


Information about MariaDB 10.5

MariaDB 10.5 database is a system that was developed using Mysql program. The presented database has full compatibility with various MySQL drivers and clients, which makes it quite versatile in use.