dedicated server


Centreon Monitoring Tool: Your Reliable Partner in Monitoring the Status of Servers

Centreon Monitoring Tool is a powerful tool designed to monitor and manage the status of servers and network devices.


Horizon Network Monitoring: Optimize the network infrastructure on your server

Horizon Network Monitoring is a powerful tool for monitoring the network infrastructure on your server. It provides constant monitoring of the network status, detects anomalies and helps to quickly respond to potential problems.


Fleet Osquery Manager: Managing security on your server

Introduction Fleet Osquery Manager (FOM) is a security management tool that provides monitoring and analysis of the security status of your server.


Wazuh Server: A powerful security tool for your server

Wazuh Server is a powerful and innovative security tool designed to protect your server from threats and attacks. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for detecting and responding to security incidents, which makes it an indispensable solution for modern businesses.


Ansible Semaphore: A user-friendly interface for managing Ansible in business

Introduction: Ansible Semaphore is a powerful tool that provides a user-friendly web interface for managing and monitoring automation using Ansible. This tool greatly simplifies working with Ansible, making it more accessible and convenient for business use.