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WordPress Top 10 best plugins

Each site created on WordPress is built on a theme and, as a rule, several plugins are initially included in these themes. However, sometimes this is not enough and the user needs to install additional plugins that will help him make the site more unique or improve performance, etc.

Wordpress Security

WordPress Practical tips for securing

No one will argue that the security of the site (blog) plays a very important role. I don’t know why this is happening, but most people start to think about safety exactly when something has already happened.

Best Wordpress Plugins

8 best caching plugins for WordPress

Once you were happy with the performance of your WordPress site, but now you find it is not as lightning fast as it used to be? If so, consider installing a caching plugin for WordPress.


How to install CheckMK on Linux Server

Any server requires constant monitoring and settings due to which it will be safe to use.


The main configuration of the Linux server

Today in this article I will introduce you to the basics of Linux server (An example will be shown on Ubuntu 20.04). I will show you how to configure the graphical shell, how to create a user and give him root rights, how to remotely connect to the graphical shell of the server and more.