Winvods vs linux

Windows And Linux which one is better?

Every user once asks himself the question: Which is better to use Linux or Windows?

Installing WordPress on Linux

Installing WordPress on linux

In this article, we will look at how to install and configure WordPress on linux. We will go through all the points from updating the server to configuring the web server and wordpress itself.


How to install CheckMK on Linux Server

Any server requires constant monitoring and settings due to which it will be safe to use.


Linux Server backup

In order to keep your data safe in case of a failure or hacker attacks, they must be archived from time to time. The data that you have archived must be stored on a separate hard drive so that in case of a threat they are safe and inaccessible to viruses or hackers.


The main configuration of the Linux server

Today in this article I will introduce you to the basics of Linux server (An example will be shown on Ubuntu 20.04). I will show you how to configure the graphical shell, how to create a user and give him root rights, how to remotely connect to the graphical shell of the server and more.