Windows Server

Winvods vs linux

Windows And Linux which one is better?

Every user once asks himself the question: Which is better to use Linux or Windows?


SMTP Server Installation on Windows Server

In every organization, it may be necessary to write and receive letters, but it is not always possible to use mail services. For example, if you use Gmail to receive emails, it cannot be called completely secure.

Backup Windows

How to enable Server Backup on Windows Server

In order not to lose important data that you place on the server. For example, databases or something else needs to be backed up, which will be safe regardless of the system.

Windows Health Check

Windows server system health check

Each system requires constant monitoring of the operability of both components and the system itself. To do this, the system administrator should use special programs that will help him and will issue alerts if something goes wrong.

Adding User

How to add a user and allow remote connection

Each OS requires configuration, and if in Linux you set up a completely clean system from scratch, then in Windows everything is much easier.