Windows Server


The best tools for a system administrator: Effective management of IT infrastructure

Introduction: The system administrator plays an important role in ensuring the stable operation of the organization's IT infrastructure.


What can replace VNC Connect? Five alternative programs for remote access and management

Introduction: VNC Connect is a popular tool for remote access and computer management, however, there are several alternative programs on the market that also offer remote access functionality and have their advantages.


What is Jira Agile why do I need it and how do I install it?

Everything is constantly changing in the IT world, but one thing will remain unchanged and that is the need for tools. The tools, in turn, are different from the usual monitoring ones to those that help manage sites and projects.


What is Caddy and how to install it?

​Everyone who is at least a little interested in IT knows what a Web server is and today we will analyze one of them, namely the Caddy web server. We will tell you what it is, what advantages it has and how to install it on your server. 

Winvods vs linux

Windows And Linux which one is better?

Every user once asks himself the question: Which is better to use Linux or Windows?