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  • 1 vCPU Core
    € 0,0028 / hour

  • 1 GB RAM
    € 0,0028 / hour

  • 10 GB SSD
    € 0,0028 / hour

  • Data Transfer

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On-demand Self-service

Why you should try to predict the future? Be more Flexible with MivoCloud. Create your custom Virtual Infrastructure and make changes whenever your business needs.


MivoCloud helps you to reduce your infrastructure costs but not your possibilities. It's very simple, just pay only for what you use.

Virtual data center

Take your business to a higher level. Create a Virtual Infrastructure and make it work for you. Managing a network shouldn't feel like spacecraft control. Just enjoy our Truly Cloud Features.

Cloud Infrastructure Billing & Pricing FAQ

Q. What is IaaS?

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) is the possibility to create your own Virtual Data Center. Just like a physical infrastructure, you can deploy a Cloud Server in 9 second, upscale or downscale whenever you need, pay just for what you use, and create networks to tie them all together.

Q. Cloud Server VS. Dedicated Server

The biggest advantage of a Cloud Server is the flexibility. You can deploy it in seconds, stop it and change the resources whenever you need, and pay per hour usage. That means you can save your time and money. But Dedicated Server also has it's advantages, for example when a business has custom requirements to the hardware.

Q. Cloud Server VS. VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Usually VPS are offered as fixed monthly plans with fixed resources (CPU, RAM, HDD, Traffic). So you can not change anything the whole month. Some providers offer VPSs paid by hour. But a Truly IaaS Provider offers the possibility to create Virtual Data Center, with Truly Cloud Features ( On-Demand Self-Service, Virtual Routers, Virtual Firewalls, Simple Control Panel etc. ). Don't pay just for words, pay for reliable services.

Q. How am I billed for Cloud Servers?

We have a Pay-per-Hour billing, that means if you deploy a server for 3 hours, you'll pay only for 3 hours. All our services are paid in advance, so you are responsible to maintain a positive and sufficient Mivocloud Account Balance.

Q. Am I charged while my Server is turned off?

If you turn off your server, you won't be charged for CPU and RAM, but only for resources you are using like Storage and IP's.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds according to our Terms of Service.

Q. Can I upscale or downscale my Cloud Servers?

Yes, our feature On-demand Self-service gives you the option to change each resource of the Cloud Server (CPU, RAM, HD, IP) just in seconds, and you can do it how many times you need it. Your business will be totally independent with MivoCloud.

Q. Will I have Console Access?

Yes, you have access.

Q. What can I do in MivoCloud Control Panel

It is a very simple and intuitive Control Panel, where you can create, stop, destroy, upscale, downscale a Cloud Server. You can also purchase IP's and create a network between your Cloud Servers. Optional Backup is also available via the Control Panel for additional price.

Q. Do you offer managed services ?

Yes, we offer managed services for an additional fee.

Q. Do you offer Data Backup?

Yes, we offer Data Backup for additional price.

Q. Do you bill the Data Transfer?

No, you have No Limit Data Transfer ( In-Bound and Out-Bound).

Q. What type of Virtualization do you use?

We use KVM Virtualization.

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