Reseller VPS Program

Start your VPS Business in a couple of minutes. Multiple locations.

White Label Reseller VPS Program. WHMCS Module.
KVM Virtualization. SSD RAID Storage.

Grow your business without hardware investments. Here are some of the Reseller VPS Program advantages.

WHMCS Module

In just a couple of clicks you can sell KVM SSD VPS in different locations based on our Cloud Powered Infrastructure.

No Sales Volume Requirements

You can get bonuses up to 20% of the amount paid, from the beginning. No monthly charges and no sales volume requirements.

No Staff needed

We are monitoring all the infrastructure. You just sell and make money.

No downtime

With our cloud infrastructure, any hypervisor experiencing problems is automatically replaced with a new one instantly.

White Label

The module is 100% white label so you can brand it yourself.

Instant Setup

Your customers gets instantly the Server Details Email after payment. You just need to maintain enough positive balance available in your account..

Enterprise Infrastructure

We use only Enterprise Hardware (Supermicro and Dell servers. Juniper based network.). IPv6 ready. DDoS Protection. SLA 99,977%.

Payment Methods

Paypal, Bitcoin, VISA/Master Card, Payeer, Wire Transfer.

Customer CP features

Reboot, Rebuilt, Start / Stop, DNS manager, RDNS manager and other.

Reseller Program Bonuses

Your are not bound to sales volume or any minimum requirement. You can choose your bonus right now!
10 %
  • from €1000 paid
15 %
  • from €2000 paid
20 %
  • from €4000 paid

Customer Control Panel.

Advanced white label control panel with robust features.
Reseller KVM SSD VPS in Europe

Reseller Program Billing & Pricing FAQ

Q. What is Reseller Program?

The Reseller Program is a partnership between MivoCloud and a Reseller, in which the Reseller can sell MivoCloud VPS line from it's name and with it's own prices.

Q. Prices

The VPS prices for the Reseller are the same as on our website.

Q. Do you offer Reseller Discounts?

We do not offer discounts but we offer bonuses, please see the question below.

Q. What do you mean by Bonuses?

We offer Bonus Credit for your payments. We have 3 types of Bonuses (PRO - 10%, BUSINESS - 15%, ENTERPRISE - 20%). Bonuses starts from 100 Euro paid. For example if you pay 200 Euro, you get 20 Euro bonus credit. If you pay 1000 Euro, you get 150 Euro bonus credit. If you pay 2000 Euro, you get 400 Euro bonus credit. So this can be your profit if the prices for your customer are the same as on our website or you can put higher prices and earn more money.

Q. Can I create my own VPS packages?

Yes you can by requesting us with a ticket.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds according to our Terms of Service.

Q. How can I become a Reseller?

Make the order on this link. Then you will get an email with the WHMCS Module and the Instructions. The Module is White Label.

Q. What can I do in MivoCloud Control Panel

It is a very simple and intuitive Control Panel with following features: Reboot, Rebuilt, Start / Stop, DNS manager, RDNS manager and other.

Q. Do you offer managed services ?

Yes, we offer managed services for an additional fee.

Q. Do you offer Data Backup?

Yes, we offer Data Backup for additional price.

Q. Do you bill the Data Transfer?

No, you have No Limit Data Transfer ( In-Bound and Out-Bound).

Q. What type of Virtualization do you use?

We use KVM Virtualization.

Affiliates Program

Try to earn money without investing in hardware.

Payment Methods

Pay with Bitcoin
Pay with PayPal
Pay with Bank Transfer
Pay with Payeer

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