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Карьера в MivoCloud

Если вы хотите решать уникальные и сложные технические проблемы и работать с некоторыми из самых интересных людей вокруг.

Linux System Engineer

As a MivoCloud Linux System Engineer with your own creative techniques you will continuously improve the customer experience. You are a key partner in building relationships with customers being responsible for the documentation, deployment, administration, maintenace and security of the services.
You will not have the same problem for a third time because you will automate it on the second time.

  • Fundamental knowledge of server/computers hardware and software;
  • Advanced Linux/Unix knowledge;
  • Good skills in Linux hardening and security compliance;
  • Ability to write automation scripts;
  • Strong knowledge of how Firewalls work;
  • Good skills in managing and hardening Linux server roles (Web server, Database);
  • Good skills in configuring HA and LB for Linux server roles;
  • Good knowledge of the network and OSI levels;
  • Ability to comunicate technical issues to nontechnical audiences;
  • Monitoring and analyzing existing services;
  • Support customers over the phone, email and via tickets;
  • Help combat fraud and abuse on the platform;
  • Identify and communicate process improvement suggestions;
  • Resolving technical problems;
  • Configure and Manage Linux systems;
  • Strong analytical skills and pattern recognition;
  • Develope and maintain procedures and documentation for operation and restoration of systems and applications;
  • Collaborate with support team members;

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