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Cooling of computers and servers

A cooler is two elements connected to each other, namely a fan and a radiator. There are different coolers from the cheapest, which can only cool processors with 2 cores and up to dropsy. 


Information about AMD and Intel sockets

A socket (CPU socket) is a connector of the central processor in the motherboard designed to install a processor in it.  Content


VPS vs Dedicated which one better?

What is the difference between virtual server and dedicated server? A virtual server or VPS provides you with a small area on the server for use, which you can modify and use various operating systems on it.  There are two main virtualization technologies: KVM and OpenVZ

Wordpress Security

WordPress Practical tips for securing

No one will argue that the security of the site (blog) plays a very important role. I don’t know why this is happening, but most people start to think about safety exactly when something has already happened.

Best Wordpress Plugins

8 best caching plugins for WordPress

Once you were happy with the performance of your WordPress site, but now you find it is not as lightning fast as it used to be? If so, consider installing a caching plugin for WordPress.